Agorsa Gourmet ginger paste is prepared from the finest quality fresh ginger from our selected farms on the hills of the Western Ghats and is then grind into thick textured paste. The distinct taste and aroma of fresh ginger is preserved in the paste and is a more convenient alternative to fresh ginger.

Adding ginger to your cooked food doesn’t just add flavour but it also adds spiciness and a mouth watering aroma to your dish. So if you want to reap the many benefits of ginger, Agorsa Gourmet Ginger paste is perfect for you. The ready to use paste can be squeezed right out of the tube and stirred into any dish you’re cooking just like you would use fresh ginger.

Our pastes are packed in an easy to use tube for your convenience. The tubes lock in all the flavours so that our pastes remain just as fresh as it was the first time you opened it. All this makes it the perfect substitute for homemade ginger pastes. So go ahead and add a kick of flavour to your home cooked savoury food with Agorsa Gourmet premium quality ginger paste.

Ginger Paste Specially prepared for healthy and easy cooking
  • Handpicked from the finest quality farm fresh tomato
  • No artificial color or thickening agent
  • Easy to squeeze fine paste without oil

Ginger Paste

1 tablespoon is equivalent to
1 inch long ginger piece
1 spoon = 15g (approx)
I inch ginger = 15-20g (approx)

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