Nature’s finest selection of
Spices and herbs

We use the the finest spice and herbs from our selected farms on the hills of the Western Ghats mountain ranges of India where the best spice plants are grown. All the spices and herbs that we use are farmed using organic methods and we choose only the purest natural ingredients for our pastes to maintain its authentic taste and aroma.

Traditional Sauces prepared
with modern technology.

Once handpicked for the best of its quality spices, the pastes are prepared untouched by hands and using the most up to date technology to make it hygienic and ensure that the same consistent flavour always spreads around the globe. It's about care for your health and convenience

It's only the Nature’s magic
flavour… No oil or additives,

We’re passionate about enhancing the food experience for everyone and we believe that the real flavour can be experienced only in its purest and natural form.Our fine pastes are wholly natural without any oil and additives and will blend easily with all cooking to give that magic flavour to your food

Its Simply the best form to use.

The authentic flavour & quality of our pastes is carefully packed in Agorsa Gourmet specially designed, easy to use tubes. The vacuum tubes are filled with paste and the usage is in most convenient form. Our tubes keep all the flavor and aroma intact and ensures that the pastes remain untouched for reuse. Just Squeeze and feed the goodness.

It’s notably a superior class

We believe in providing you with the world's finest cooking paste. From the farm to your table we specially care for every step to maintain the most natural and authentic flavours. We care for a healthy life….